Is Marvin’s open during Covid-19?

Yes, we are essential. Our business hours are Monday – Thursday from 10am-10pm and Friday – Sunday from 8am-10pm.

How much cannabis can I buy?
  • Under the Bureau of Cannabis Control’s regulations, recreational cannabis customers are able to purchase up to 1 ounce of cannabis flower or 8 grams of cannabis concentrate.
  • The limit on products such as edibles, which are made with cannabis concentrate, are calculated by the amount of THC in the package. Edibles typically contain 100 milligrams per package (and 5–10 mg per edible). That means that a guest at Marvin’s Mary J. would be able to purchase 80 packages of edibles in one day
Do I need to be a medical marijuana patient to shop at Marvin’s?
No, you do not need to be a medical marijuana patient to shop at Marvin’s. We are licensed both as a legal adult-use and medicinal cannabis retailer and can sell to anyone over the age of 21.
What do I need to bring with me to Marvins?
Government issued ID (license/passport) that has not expired
Does Marvin’s only accept cash?

No! We accept all major debit and credit cards.

Is there a veteran discount?
Yes, 10%
Is there a rewards program?

Yes! When you come into Marvin’s Mary J, ask about our rewards program and get signed up.

What’s the difference between THC and CBD?
THC and CBD are both present in cannabis plants. The short answer is that THC provides a “high” and is psychoactive. CBD is non-psychoactive, meaning that it won’t provide a “high,” and has anti-inflammatory properties. THC and CBD complement each other and can intensify each other’s positive effects.
Is legal Cannabis safe?
Marvin’s is a legal and fully-licensed California cannabis retailer. All cannabis products sold in our store are tested on a full-spectrum panel for potency, heavy metals and pesticides.
If I have an issue with my purchase, what do I do?

We value our customers and want to ensure everyone is happy with what they purchase from our locations. If you have any issues or questions, just give us a call at 760.326.MARV, email us at info@marvinsmaryj.com, send us a DM on Instagram @marvins_mary_j, or come back in to any location with your receipt and we’ll be happy to assist you!

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